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With a good online presence, your business will be visible "all the time" and be accessible "everywhere". This usually results in much better prospects. Think about it!
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'All in One' Cost Effective SEO Service in Hyderabad

A good online presence can completely transform your business potential. If you are here, you probably know that.


You may also know that most of the so called 'seo experts' are unreliable. You will probably sense their unprofessionalism with the very first phone call.


Talk to me(Vijay Janardhan) and you will know we are refreshingly different. We don't cut corners, this is not one of those "me too" seo services. We offer complete online solutions and empower businesses to succeed online and expand their reach. Even if you decide not to hire us, I will be happy to offer  advice.


With our "All in One" comprehensive SEO and online business promotion service, we can get your business website listed at the top of Google for the relevant search results.


If you have your own specific ideas, we can also customize our online strategies to your liking. Not a problem


Not only can this bring instant customers to your doorstep, it also gets your business and brand - the trust, recognition and exposure that can multiply your profits.


We are a small unit who have worked with both national and international clients. Our simple structure allows us to cater to you personally without the corporate bullshit, whilst our experience and skill gets you the best!

Not just online marketing, we offer the complete solution.

There is a reason we call it complete online solution. You don't just get SEO, you get much more as our client.


  • Our SEO service will bring you new pre-qualified customers. People who search for the relevant keywords will find you.
  • We offer FREE premium website hosting. No need to pay for hosting server elsewhere. We will even migrate the site free of cost.
  • We will also make design changes to your website and make the site a superstar in the online world :)
  • We will produce videos and offer full service video marketing and syndication.
  • We will produce regular press releases for your business.
  • We revolutionize your social media presence and also manage and control your reputation.
  • and much much more...

How much does it cost?

You might think this has to be expensive. Nope,  it is easily the most value for money FULL seo service you will find online. Contact us to know more. We know you want to succeed with your business and want maximum online exposure. We will get you there!

You get all 9 service modules listed below.


Search Engine Optimization

We help you in achieving a global and local online presence with ethical white hat approach tailored for long lasting results.


We leave no stone unturned and use full array of seo strategies to rank your site high.


We also do press releases, guest posting. social media marketing, video production, content marketing and more - we go the extra mile.

Website hosting & management

We offer FREE hosting and website management for all our clients. You no longer have to have webdesign and hosting done separately. We will host your website on high end VPS servers and offer full security features and daily backup.


The servers are powerful quad core machines and have lot of headroom(limited sites on each server) & short latencies, thus are blazing fast - we dare say -  many times faster than your current shared hosting provider. :) 

Design & Onsite Optimization

We meticulously perform onsite optimization edits to improve search engine metrics for the site.


Good website design gives better visitor experience and is an important web metric. We also suggest and implement better design for our clients.


At times we completely change the existing website after discussions with the client, thereby supercharging the aesthetic qualities of the site. 

Content Production & Marketing

We analyze your business and niche, and devise a content strategy both onsite and on other partner web properties that will bring you lots of targeted visitors and exposure.


We will participate on your behalf on other niche related blogs and forums and spread the word about your service.


We also make picture infographics for your business that people would love to share.


All the above activities make your brand, business and service more prominent online.

Video Production & Marketing

Videos are a fantastic way to introduce your business and educate your customers and include a top notch video marketing module.


We will shoot and produce onsite videos of your business and syndicate it the video sharing sites like youtube and dailymotion.


We can also produce educational video presentations of your service/niche. We can also produce video reviews of your service.


All videos that are produced will be optimized and promoted so as to rank on youtube and  google.


Social Media Marketing & Reputation Management

We offer beautiful facebook, twitter, Google+ and youtube channel pages to complete your online credentials.


These pages will also be regularly updated which will improve your social quotient. We also use the social avenues to enhance and safeguard your reputation online.

Local Directories Syndication

We will present your data on the top local directories like justdial, Sulekha, IndiaMart and on many other business directories.


We will also optimize those pages and include pictures and videos. Finally we will promote those business listings too.

Market Research & Competitor Spying

Need market research or ideas for a new venture? we will do our best.


Want to know what your competitors & market leaders are doing? oh yeah, lets do that!


We are genuinely invested in our clients success, which is why we provide this module for those who want added insights.

PPC Help & Brochure Designs

We know some of our clients advertise a lot online. We can help optimize adwords campaigns and also advice and manage other PPC & PPV campaigns to improve conversions and reduce costs.


We also help with offline work for long term clients. Want a fresh brochure design or new business card layout? We can help.